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Leverage your existing skills to build a thriving business

Step into the World of Entrepreneurship and Transform Your Passion into a Purpose-Driven Business.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Business?

We specialize in empowering women to seamlessly transition from traditional 9-to-5 roles to thriving entrepreneurship. With our tailored approach, we help you leverage the skills and strategies acquired in your corporate career for a successful venture into the world of business ownership. 

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Hey I'm

Erica Burns

Iced Coffee Lover

R&B Music Enthusiast

Devoted Mom

Your Catalyst for Business Transformation

My approach blends innovative brand building and strategic market positioning to not just launch your business, but elevate it to new heights. I understand the challenges of balancing entrepreneurship with life's other roles, and that’s why I’m dedicated to helping you navigate this transition smoothly.

Together, we will craft a business that not only resonates with your true story but also stands out in the market.

It’s not just about reaching success; it’s about redefining it on your terms. If you're ready to embrace your entrepreneurial dream and create a legacy that shines, let’s connect! Discover more about my journey, my methods, and how we can turn your business vision into reality. Just click below to explore more and start our journey together.

Design Book

For the woman in the 9-5, true success lies not just in meeting targets and deadlines, but in nurturing the bold dreams that await after hours – dreams that pave the way for a legacy of inspiration and empowerment.



Sonya W.

Not sure where to start or if I can put into words how amazing Erica is. When I didn’t have much on paper but a lot in my mind on how I wanted my business to look and to be branded I was at a loss. Erica was very patient with me because my words and the way I relayed my vision to her seemed scattered, not only did she help me but she taught me as well so that I could be confident being in charge of my own branding and growth!  I have committed to working with her in order to continue taking my business to the next level. Her beautiful smile and heart come out completely in her work. I wholeheartedly support and recommend her  to anyone that is in need of growing in excellence! Thank you so much Erica for allowing me to present my Business in Excellence!
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