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Turning Black Friday into a Business Lesson: A Guide for Female Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jan 9

As we step into the hustle and bustle of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, it's easy to get caught up in the shopping frenzy. But what if I told you that this day of mega-sales could be more than just a chance to score some great deals? What if Black Friday & Cyber Monday could be a lesson in marketing, sales, and customer engagement?

Let me break it down for you:

1. Observing Marketing Tactics: Black Friday is like the Olympics of marketing. Companies pull out all the stops with their advertising campaigns. As you browse, take note of:

  • What Ads Catch Your Eye: Is it a bold headline, a striking image, or perhaps a compelling story?

  • The Emotional Pull: How are brands creating a sense of urgency or excitement?

2. Analyzing Customer Experience: Online shopping experiences can make or break a sale. While navigating different websites, consider:

  • Website Design and Navigation: What layouts or features make your shopping experience seamless?

  • Customer Service Touchpoints: How are businesses handling customer queries and issues?

3. Dissecting Promotions and Offers: Every deal is a psychological trigger. Look for:

  • Types of Deals That Attract You: Are they straightforward discounts, bundle deals, or time-limited offers?

  • Presentation of Offers: How are these deals communicated to make them seem irresistible?

4. Learning from Email Campaigns: Your inbox is probably overflowing with Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions. Pay attention to:

  • Subject Lines That Stand Out: What makes you want to click on an email?

  • Content That Converts: Once opened, what in the email persuades you to visit the site or make a purchase?

5. Social Media Strategies: Social media platforms are abuzz with Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions. Observe:

  • Engagement Techniques: What kind of posts are getting likes, shares, and comments?

  • Influencer Collaborations: How are influencers impacting consumer choices?

Black Friday & Cyber Monday aren't just days for consumers; it's a goldmine of insights for entrepreneurs. This weekend, challenge yourself to look beyond the price tags. Analyze the strategies that businesses use to attract and retain customers. Every observation can be a lesson in how to enhance your own business practices.

Now here is my challenge to you...take notes, brainstorm ideas, and most importantly, think about how these insights can be adapted to your business model. Use your findings to create a marketing plan for 2024. Let me know how it works out for you!

Talk to you soon!

Coach Erica B.

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